Eco-Friendly Packaging Materials
- We prioritize the use of recyclable, biodegradable, and compostable packaging materials. Packaging is made with 35% post-consumer recycled content. Eco-friendly mailers, bubble wrap, foam, etc are also used.
- Packaging materials used are sourced from sustainable suppliers with a commitment to environmental responsibility.

Minimalist Packaging Design
- We aim to use the least amount of packaging necessary to ensure the safe delivery of our products.
- Packaging design focuses on simplicity and functionality to reduce excess material usage.

Reusable Packaging
- Whenever possible, we encourage the use of reusable packaging for products that allow for safe and
secure transportation.

Compact Packaging
- We strive to optimize packaging size to minimize transportation space, reducing the carbon footprint
associated with shipping.

Recycling Program
- We encourage customers to recycle packaging materials and provide information on how to do so